BRACELOK® Retro 10 Units

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Has an OSHPD OPM pre-approval 0377. It is also approved for use in all California DSA projects ibecause DSA has adopted those OPM details. This product has also been approved for use by GSA.

BRACELOK® is only required every 8 ft along the top of the wall for gypsum partition walls covered by OSHPD or DSA.

In some seismic areas this 8ft spacing may be reduced or alternatively, instead of using a conventional deep leg track, a slotted track may be used. We never require a nested track under OSHPD/DSA California.

In other environments spacing willi depend upon the calcualtions of a EOR or other Design Professional for the specific wall manufacturer.  

BRACELOK® can be added either before or after wall linings have been applied, so it can be used in both new construction or to bring an existing fit out up to seismic code, adding value to your clients existing installation.

BRACELOK® RETRO is attached to the partition head using #10 self-drilling screws as per our OPM. It utilizes steel stud for bracing from the wall attachment to the deck connectors.

Disengage walls and ceilings by using BRACELOK® RETRO. 

Each box of 10 comes with twenty 45-degree connectors to the deck. 

"We Liberate the Plenum®"

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